Module Auto_ind_decl

Build boolean equality of a block of mutual inductive types
exception EqNotFound of Names.inductive * Names.inductive
exception EqUnknown of string
exception UndefinedCst of string
exception InductiveWithProduct
exception InductiveWithSort
exception ParameterWithoutEquality of Names.GlobRef.t
exception NonSingletonProp of Names.inductive
exception DecidabilityMutualNotSupported
exception NoDecidabilityCoInductive
exception ConstructorWithNonParametricInductiveType of Names.inductive
exception DecidabilityIndicesNotSupported
val beq_scheme_kind : Ind_tables.scheme_kind
Build equivalence between boolean equality and Leibniz equality
val lb_scheme_kind : Ind_tables.scheme_kind
val bl_scheme_kind : Ind_tables.scheme_kind
Build decidability of equality
val eq_dec_scheme_kind : Ind_tables.scheme_kind