Module Declareops

Operations concerning types in Declarations : constant_body, mutual_inductive_body, module_body ...

val map_decl_arity : ('a -> 'c) -> ('b -> 'd) -> ('a'b) Declarations.declaration_arity -> ('c'd) Declarations.declaration_arity

Is there a actual body in const_body ?

val constant_has_body : 'a Declarations.pconstant_body -> bool
val constant_polymorphic_context : 'a Declarations.pconstant_body -> Univ.AbstractContext.t
val constant_is_polymorphic : 'a Declarations.pconstant_body -> bool

Is the constant polymorphic?

Return the universe context, in case the definition is polymorphic, otherwise the context is empty.

val is_opaque : 'a Declarations.pconstant_body -> bool
Inductive types
val eq_recarg : Declarations.recarg -> Declarations.recarg -> bool
val pp_recarg : Declarations.recarg -> Pp.t
val pp_wf_paths : Declarations.wf_paths -> Pp.t
val mk_norec : Declarations.wf_paths
val dest_subterms : Declarations.wf_paths -> Declarations.wf_paths list array
val recarg_length : Declarations.wf_paths -> int -> int
val inductive_polymorphic_context : Declarations.mutual_inductive_body -> Univ.AbstractContext.t
val inductive_is_polymorphic : Declarations.mutual_inductive_body -> bool

Is the inductive polymorphic?

Is the inductive cumulative?

val inductive_is_cumulative : Declarations.mutual_inductive_body -> bool

Is the inductive cumulative?

val inductive_make_projection : Names.inductive -> Declarations.mutual_inductive_body -> proj_arg:int -> Names.Projection.Repr.t

Anomaly when not a primitive record or invalid proj_arg

val inductive_make_projections : Names.inductive -> Declarations.mutual_inductive_body -> Names.Projection.Repr.t array option
Kernel flags

A default, safe set of flags for kernel type-checking


Here, strictly speaking, we don't perform true hash-consing of the structure, but simply hash-cons all inner constr and other known elements