Module Evd.Filter

type t

Evar filters, seen as bitmasks.

val equal : t -> t -> bool

Equality over filters

val identity : t

The identity filter.

val filter_list : t -> 'a list -> 'a list

Filter a list. Sizes must coincide.

val filter_array : t -> 'a array -> 'a array

Filter an array. Sizes must coincide.

val filter_slist : t -> 'a SList.t -> 'a SList.t

Filter a sparse list. Sizes must coincide.

val extend : int -> t -> t

extend n f extends f on the left with n-th times true.

val compose : t -> t -> t

Horizontal composition : compose f1 f2 only keeps parts of f2 where f1 is set. In particular, f1 and f2 must have the same length.

val apply_subfilter : t -> bool list -> t

apply_subfilter f1 f2 applies filter f2 where f1 is true. In particular, the length of f2 is the number of times f1 is true

val restrict_upon : t -> int -> ( int -> bool ) -> t option

Ad-hoc primitive.

val map_along : ( bool -> 'a -> bool ) -> t -> 'a list -> t

Apply the function on the filter and the list. Sizes must coincide.

val make : bool list -> t

Create out of a list

val repr : t -> bool list option

Observe as a bool list.