Module Summary.Dyn

We provide safe projection from the summary to the types stored in it.

type 'a tag

Type of dynamic tags

type t =
| Dyn : 'a tag * 'a -> t(*

Type of dynamic values

val create : string -> 'a tag

create n returns a tag describing a type called n. create raises an exception if n is already registered. Type names are hashed, so create may raise even if no type with the exact same name was registered due to a collision.

val anonymous : int -> 'a tag

anonymous i returns a tag describing an i-th anonymous type. If anonymous is not used together with create, max_int anonymous types are available. anonymous raises an exception if i is already registered.

val eq : 'a tag -> 'b tag -> ( 'a, 'b ) CSig.eq option

eq t1 t2 returns Some witness if t1 is the same as t2, None otherwise.

val repr : 'a tag -> string

repr tag returns the name of the type represented by tag.

val dump : unit -> (int * string) list

dump () returns a list of (tag, name) pairs for every type tag registered in this Dyn.Make instance.

type any =
| Any : 'a tag -> any(*

Type of boxed dynamic tags

val name : string -> any option

name n returns Some t where t is a boxed tag previously registered with create n, or None if there is no such tag.

module Map (Value : Dyn.ValueS) : Dyn.MapS with type 'a key = 'a tag and type 'a value = 'a Value.t

Map from type tags to values parameterized by the tag type

module HMap (V1 : Dyn.ValueS) (V2 : Dyn.ValueS) : sig ... end
module Easy : sig ... end