Module Coqtop

Definition of custom toplevels. init is used to do custom command line argument parsing. run launches a custom toplevel.

type 'a extra_args_fn = opts:Coqargs.t -> string list -> 'a * string list
type ('a, 'b) custom_toplevel = {
parse_extra : 'a extra_args_fn;
help : Usage.specific_usage;
init : 'a -> opts:Coqargs.t -> 'b;
run : 'a -> opts:Coqargs.t -> 'b -> unit;
opts : Coqargs.t;
val start_coq : ('a'b) custom_toplevel -> unit

The generic Coq main module. start custom will parse the command line, print the banner, initialize the load path, load the input state, load the files given on the command line, load the resource file, produce the output state if any, and finally will launch

val init_color : Coqargs.coqargs_config -> unit
val init_toploop : Coqargs.t -> Vernac.State.t
type run_mode =
| Interactive
| Batch
val coqtop_toplevel : (run_modeVernac.State.t) custom_toplevel