Library Coq.Structures.OrdersEx

Examples of Ordered Type structures.

Ordered Type for bool, nat, Positive, N, Z with the usual order.
An OrderedType can now directly be seen as a DecidableType

Module OT_as_DT (O:OrderedType) <: DecidableType := O.

(Usual) Decidable Type for bool, nat, positive, N, Z
From two ordered types, we can build a new OrderedType over their cartesian product, using the lexicographic order.

Module PairOrderedType(O1 O2:OrderedType) <: OrderedType.
 Include PairDecidableType O1 O2.

 Definition lt :=
   (relation_disjunction ( @@1) (O1.eq *

 Instance lt_strorder : StrictOrder lt.

 Instance lt_compat : Proper (eq==>eq==>iff) lt.

 Definition compare x y :=
  match (fst x) (fst y) with
   | Eq => (snd x) (snd y)
   | Lt => Lt
   | Gt => Gt

 Lemma compare_spec : forall x y, CompSpec eq lt x y (compare x y).

End PairOrderedType.

Even if positive can be seen as an ordered type with respect to the usual order (see above), we can also use a lexicographic order over bits (lower bits are considered first). This is more natural when using positive as indexes for sets or maps (see MSetPositive).

Local Open Scope positive.

Module PositiveOrderedTypeBits <: UsualOrderedType.
  Definition t:=positive.
  Include HasUsualEq <+ UsualIsEq.
  Definition eqb := Pos.eqb.
  Definition eqb_eq := Pos.eqb_eq.
  Include HasEqBool2Dec.

  Fixpoint bits_lt (p q:positive) : Prop :=
   match p, q with
   | xH, xI _ => True
   | xH, _ => False
   | xO p, xO q => bits_lt p q
   | xO _, _ => True
   | xI p, xI q => bits_lt p q
   | xI _, _ => False

  Definition lt:=bits_lt.

  Lemma bits_lt_antirefl : forall x : positive, ~ bits_lt x x.

  Lemma bits_lt_trans :
    forall x y z : positive, bits_lt x y -> bits_lt y z -> bits_lt x z.

  Instance lt_compat : Proper (eq==>eq==>iff) lt.

  Instance lt_strorder : StrictOrder lt.

  Fixpoint compare x y :=
    match x, y with
      | x~1, y~1 => compare x y
      | x~1, _ => Gt
      | x~0, y~0 => compare x y
      | x~0, _ => Lt
      | 1, y~1 => Lt
      | 1, 1 => Eq
      | 1, y~0 => Gt

  Lemma compare_spec : forall x y, CompSpec eq lt x y (compare x y).

End PositiveOrderedTypeBits.